International Workers’ Day is here!

international workers day photo by kim defranco

International Workers’ Day

Countries around the world celebrate workers and unionization on May 1, variously calling it International Workers’ Day, Day of Work, or Labor Day in observances similar to the U.S. Labor Day – which is celebrated […]

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Reviewing existing translations

Avoid bad translations like this one!Sometimes, in an attempt to reduce the cost, a client opts for translating internally and requesting that International Contact, “review” or “proofread” or “edit.” A word of caution about reviewing existing translations.

When an editor has to deal with a good translation, the […]

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What you Need to Know before Hiring an Interpreter

Book an Interpreter today!

Symbol for Interpretation and interpreters

Interpretation is the verbal translation of the speaker’s words to an audience that does not speak the same language, with the express purpose of having the audience understand what is being said by the speaker. To achieve […]

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