Speaking “Semiconductor” can be a real asset

Website translation Website translation is easier than ever

Understanding and having a good command of semiconductor technology can open a new and exciting career path for you in writing and translation.

The semiconductor industry should remain robust for years to come. According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), […]

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CA Supreme Court creates havoc for language businesses

language interpreter backIn May, 2018, the California Supreme Court ruled in the Dynamex decision that only workers who meet all three specified criteria can be classified as independent contractors. All other workers must be classified as employees, fundamentally changing the business model of translation […]

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Should your Spanish communications use “tú” or “usted”?

¡Eres tú!Remember addressing others as thee and thou? Of course you don’t because its usage disappeared before anyone living today was born. But in other languages this change from the formal to the informal mode of address is happening right now!

Consider Spanish in Mexico (other Latin American […]

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Please don’t let the question mark die!

Punctuation MarksGeoffrey Nunberg, a linguist who teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, noted that the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter and the reading of messages on a cellphone or hand-held device has repurposed the punctuation mark.

One of […]

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P1060066Carla Itzkowich, President and CEO of International Contact, and her husband, Company Chief Media Officer Jon Golding, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Havana, Cuba. With Cuba so much in the news, we decided to share comments and […]

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Your Language Defines Who You Are (video)

Photo of Yann MartelNovelist and ‘Life of Pi’ author Yann Martel has lived a life of travel and multilingual adventure. Nothing opens the mind like travel, he says, and nothing defines the self, or how we relate to one another, quite like language. Martel […]

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YEAR OF THE RED FIRE MONKEYYes, as we’ve all been bombarded to learn, starting February 8th the events of the year will be influenced by the Monkey according to Chinese astrology.

But this Monkey is the Red Fire Monkey—the most passionate of monkeys—predicting a roller […]


Whistled Languages

Man whistlingHow much farther can Whistled Languages go?

Whistled language is a form of communication that uses the existing words in a language, which are approximated in a whistled form, and retains most of the original acoustic information – like pitch and sentence stress – present in […]

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Happy International Translators Day!

auto-translate-survey-questionsThe European Centre for Next Generation Localisation reports that the language services market is the fourth fastest growing sector in the United States. Common Sense Advisory, a consulting firm specializing in language services, estimates translation services at nearly US$38 billion. GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association, […]

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There are some foreign words that contain so many layers of meaning that they become directly untranslatable into English. Attempting to provide their full meaning underlines the vastly under-appreciated art of multilingual translation. International Contact, Inc. published 13 of 14 untranslatable words presented by UK based illustrator Marija Tiurina, on our Facebook page, and we present all […]