Speaking “Semiconductor” can be a real asset

Website translation Website translation is easier than ever

Understanding and having a good command of semiconductor technology can open a new and exciting career path for you in writing and translation.

The semiconductor industry should remain robust for years to come. According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), […]

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CA Supreme Court creates havoc for language businesses

language interpreter backIn May, 2018, the California Supreme Court ruled in the Dynamex decision that only workers who meet all three specified criteria can be classified as independent contractors. All other workers must be classified as employees, fundamentally changing the business model of translation […]

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Report: International Outlook heralds increased profits for you!

Year in ReviewArigato for making 2016 a positive and memorable year for International Contact!

Sales grew in 2016

Our sales team was busy winning contract awards from BART, VTA and the City of Oakland among many others. Added volumes brought price […]

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Oakland Translation Company beats the odds for 33 years

International Contact, Inc.—a multi-language communications agency in Oakland, California—celebrates 33 years in business, which is a pretty unusual milestone for a small business. Although the Census Bureau does not have statistics on business failure rates, its SUSB program provides annual data for all U.S. paid employer firms, including establishment and closure. From those figures, […]

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Whistled Languages

Man whistlingHow much farther can Whistled Languages go?

Whistled language is a form of communication that uses the existing words in a language, which are approximated in a whistled form, and retains most of the original acoustic information – like pitch and sentence stress – present in […]

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One-Tier vs. Two-Tier Translation

Translation Cloud
On the question of One-Tier vs. Two-Tier Translation, it is never a question of which method produces the best result.

Two-tier translation is defined as a comprehensive translation (usually in-country), which is then thoroughly reviewed by the respective local language team to assure proper localization and accuracy […]

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How do you find a good translator?

Sherlock Holmes looks for a good translator

How do you find a good translator?

First and foremost, your translator should be a native speaker of the “target language,” the language being translated into. For example, if your English material is being translated into Spanish, […]

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Why a professional translation?

Example of why client's should not manage their own translation projects!

If the document has any value or importance whatsoever you should always consider using a professional language translation service like International Contact, Inc. Sure, there are other websites that claim to do it for free. The reality […]

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