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Frequently Asked Questions
about FLT

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General Questions (Back to TOP)

Q: What does this test measure?

A: The current version of FLT is configured to test a candidate’s basic proficiency in the language being tested. The test is available to evaluate Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese speakers.  Development in Pilipino (Tagalog), French and German is in process. FLT is an easily customized software testing solution that allows organizations to tailor the content of the test for their specific needs.

Q: Is customized content free?

A: Some visual and content elements of the test are customized for your organization as part of your installation. Customized testing content is additional and costs are determined through consultation to address your specific content needs in the most cost-effective way.

Q: Are other kinds of testing available?

A: Yes. Some clients need to verify language skills within a narrow range of specialized terminology such as medical or legal. You may require testing of other language skills including interpretation or formal, written translation. FLT will identify individual testing requirements and determine what additional costs are involved in providing testing to suit your particular needs.

Q: My administrative assistant speaks Spanish, why can’t I just have her test my candidates?

A: Peer review of candidates language skills is fraught with issues: are you certain the administrative assistant’s Spanish is at the level to determine another persons’ fluency? Can your assistant be objective in evaluating peers?  To reliably and effectively determine language ability requires a protocol that is repeatable, fair, not open to bias and rigorous, especially in case of challenges to the results. Using an untrained person, who does not use a proven process to test, will give you results that you cannot trust.

Q: I only have a few candidates to evaluate; can the standard test be performed off site without the investment in hardware or software?

A: Yes. Testing for individual candidates is available at FLT’s offices at $75 per test. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. To schedule a test, please call (510) 836-1180.

Hardware Requirements (Back to TOP)

Q: What kind of computer do I need to run FLT?

A: To properly run this software you must have a Multi-media ready Windows®2000™ or Windows® XP Compatible Machine with Windows®2000™ or Windows® XP installed.

Multi-media ready means:

Audio input available with good quality microphone
Speakers with reasonable Audio playback ability
1024×728 pixel Display. (15” Monitor in this mode or larger)

Hard Disk Space required:

Software uses approx. 200 MB for 4 languages

Test files produced are approximately 2MB per applicant. We recommend having space sufficient to hold 100 applicants (200MB). If planning to store additional tests, you may wish to consider having a tape back up on the machine.

You will also want a fast Internet connection to upload your test results (see Results)


Pricing (Back to TOP)

Q: What is the price of FLT?

A: ???

Q: What is Seat? How does that work?

A: ???

Languages Tested (Back to TOP)

Q: What languages does FLT test in?

A: Currently the software can test in Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese. Other languages are available through customization. Development in Pilipino (Tagalog), French and German is in process.


Demonstrations (Back to TOP)

Q: How can I see this product for myself?

A: There is a Demo Section of our website with an abbreviated presentation, you can also Request a Demo CD-ROM to run in your office, or Contact Us at flt@intlcontact.com for a demonstration in our office or yours.

Results (Back to TOP)

Q: How long does it take to score the tests?

A: You can usually have the scores within 72 hours of the files being posted to our secure server.

Q: How secure is your server?

A: Files from your tests are compressed and encrypted by the FLT software and cannot be processed until received by FLT. Each test has a unique serial number that allows you to track the data until it is processed. We supply you with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) software to make it easy to send FLT your candidates’ tests.

Q: How do you deliver the results of the tests?

A: Right to your desktop! FLT will provide you with a secure login and password to our testing site where you can see each person’s results, you can even listen to the recording of each candidate, with comments by the reviewer. See a demonstration of the web reports here.

Q: What do the scores mean?

A: The questions test comprehension of written text, knowledge of vocabulary, idioms, and grammatically correct expression,  You determine what level of language expertise you require, and based on that, we set the pass/fail mark.

Q: Is this there more than just this web report?

A: Yes, at the end of each set of tests, FLT provides a CD-ROM containing the audio files and comments to file in your personnel records as well as HTML reports.



The Evaluators (Back to TOP)

Q: Who are the evaluators?

A: The evaluators are native speakers of the target language, born, raised and educated at the university level in the target language culture. FLT evaluators are first-language speakers of the language they are testing. The identity of the evaluators is confidential to prevent any chance of outside influence on the evaluators.

Need to know more? Ask us by e-mailing flt@intlcontact.com


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