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Desktop PublishingInternational Contact can publish and proofread your material in any of the more than 100 languages we translate. International Contact counts among its resources and staff some of the leading authorities on multi-lingual computing ensuring the latest technologies can be adapted to your needs.

As authors of “The Apple Guide to Localizing Multi-Media” and producers of the Microsoft Windows 95 multi-media demonstrations in 13 languages, International Contact has always been at the cutting edge of both “hard” and “soft” publishing. So whether you’re looking for High End Print, Video Animation for your CD or website, or HTML for e-mail blast alerts, we have tools and expertise to spare.

We offer complete graphics and pre-press services in all languages. We can deliver high-resolution files in nearly any format, or we can take you all the way to press with mechanicals or film separations. We can adjust your kerning and leading, anti-alias your fonts for on-screen graphics, change your image hue or saturation, and even knock out your body text, satisfying the most demanding specifications of designers.

Whether you require the adaptation of existing print materials or an original design targeting your ethnic market, we have the expertise and experience to dazzle the competition. Services are also available to take you through the press check and ship to your requirements.

Our work on large campaigns for top advertising agencies has made us sensitive to the special needs of cost and time without sacrificing the personal service you need to keep it all together. We offer standard rates, rush rates and “dedicated services” rates for when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

Font Samples

Print Samples

International Contact helped GMAC mortgage develop a Print on Demand (POD) program for its ethnic markets. Leveraging the client’s existing materials in English, International Contact oversaw the purchase of ethnic photos and localized several brochures so Real Estate professionals could order them to target their markets and have them personalized with their names. This is one of the brochures we produced in each of the target languages.

See the Original English Version at this link.





The client was thrilled with the results and came back a few months later for a bilingual flyer for a trade show. The flyer required quick design, transcreation, approval, and press time to make the show dates. International Contact handled everything from concept to delivery of the flyers to the show.

Download a copy below.

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