Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

What are my bilingual employees saying to my customers?

Are they worth the bonus we’re paying for speaking another language?

If you are part of today’s interconnected global marketplace, you know the world has grown smaller, and customers don’t all speak your language. If you work in the private sector, you recognize that diversity is no longer a nice gesture; it’s a requirement for business success, and in the public sector, it is a legal requirement as well. It’s easy enough to find people in the workforce to help you, but how do you know if a bilingual applicant is verbally proficient in the language you need?

A testing firm can provide a skilled linguist to interview candidates and determine their language skills. This means yet another step in your screening process, more schedules to coordinate, and no trail of the results to comply with Equal Opportunity laws. This screening is inconvenient and depending on the number of applicants processed, can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

What if you could test applicants right at the personnel interview? What if the test could be customized to the level of language skills your business, or to what the position for which you are hiring requires?

Foreign Language Testing, a subsidiary of International Contact, Inc., a multilingual agency with more than 30 years of foreign language experience, has developed FLT, a customization software solution to evaluate foreign language fluency. With this computerized system, government agencies and corporations are able to measure the spoken fluency in a foreign language of prospective and current employees, at a fraction of the cost and time of currently available methods.

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