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YEAR OF THE RED FIRE MONKEYYes, as we’ve all been bombarded to learn, starting February 8th the events of the year will be influenced by the Monkey according to Chinese astrology.

But this Monkey is the Red Fire Monkey—the most passionate of monkeys—predicting a roller coaster of a year and this one portends to be a particularly steep ride because the element (Fire) conjoins with the sign which makes for fireworks. The Fire Monkey equates to Leo in Western astrology, which gives some astrologers added information to add its characteristics to describe the year, forecasting that the positive and negative qualities of the Monkey culminate in a year where anything can happen.

Like all monkey years, 2016 is a leap year so there is a February 29th added to the Western calendar and lunisolar calendars, like the Chinese, add a month to the year. Monkeys therefore have additional time to shake things up, create change, and innovate new paths.

In Britain, Ireland and the U.S. (Sadie Hawkin’s day, where the men run for their freedom) it is tradition that women may propose marriage during leap year and men must comply. If rebuffed in England, the men get away with just paying a fine. The monkey influences love life to be in flux, providing an effect that the 17th Century called ‘The Maydes Metamorphosis,’ where it’s leape year/women wear breeches.  In business, Monkey’s enthusiastic energy rewards risk, so even the most ambitious plans could succeed. Business flourishes and gambles tend to pan out. The influence of the Monkey makes everything topsy-turvy.

The Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems. Which is all well and good, but one must not forget that monkey is also a cunning trickster who needs to be the center of attention. Thus the Buddhists have labeled the voiceover in our heads that thinks it is boss: the ‘monkey mind,’ which humans must learn to calm down to achieve inner peace.

So here’s to a year in flux! May it land you on the top.

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